For questions and information regarding COVID-19, please visit The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies FAQ page

I’m getting an Access Denied message when trying  to log into GradStart Online Canvas course.

To access to the GradStart Online Course, you will need your CWL login details.  Click here to enroll in GradStart Online.  If you continue to experience difficulties, please email Graduate.Orientation@ubc.ca.

Are the Pre-Arrival Webinar events recorded? Where can I find them?

The April 16th, 2021 International Student Development Pre-Arrival webinar has been recorded.  This session recording can be found in iPrep 2021. Please note, you must first be enrolled in the iPrep 2021 Course to access the resources.

Additional resources may be recorded.  If the additional webinars are recorded, they will be accessible on the Resources page.

Do I need to register for orientation events?
For most events, registration is required for planning and event access purposes.  The webinar access links will be sent to you after event registration is received.  Please see the schedule of events for event-specific information.

I have questions related to UBC on-campus housing. Who should I contact?
The Student Housing website provides further details and contact information. If you have applied for graduate student housing with St. John’s College or Green College, please follow up with the college directly.
The Student Housing Online Service Centre may also be a helpful resource to check the status of your application.

I have been admitted to UBC and have a question about transcripts. Who do I contact?

Please direct your questions to the Graduate Academic Services Team, by emailing Graduate.SAS@ubc.ca.

Who do I contact for questions about tuition, deposits, and need-based funding? 

Please direct questions about tuition, deposits, and need-based funding to Enrolment Services. The Scholarships, Awards, and Funding website may also be a helpful resource.

I’m an international student and I have questions about visas/ study permits/ work permits. Who do I contact?

Please send your questions to International Student Advising.

Can family members or guests attend orientation?
Most orientation events are directed at graduate students, and the topics covered will not be of interest to your family members. We ask only graduate students to participate in these events.

Still have questions about Orientation?
Visit The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies FAQ page or email us at graduate.orientation@ubc.ca